Elevator Conveyor Belt is manufactured by our company is best suited for vertical transportation of materials from top to bottom and bottom to top. This conveyor belt is most commonly used in railway stations, airports, metro stations for elevating people from top to bottom and bottom to top. Also used for elevating variety of bulk materials that comprise from light to heavy materials. This conveyor belt is manufactured by using stainless steel, different types of metals and premium quality raw materials.

With a focus on the rising demands of many industries, our capability is effectively manufacturing and supplying this Elevator Conveyor Belt for over 180m height elevators and with operational speeds at 1750tph. Some of the industrial areas where this elevator belt find their appropriateness includes: manufacturing industries, construction industries, packaging industries, sand, gravel industry, stone industry, cement industry, concrete plants, heating & power stations, asphalt mixing plants, mineral processing plants, timber industry, sawmills, ship loading and unloading purposes, sugar refineries, foundries and waste treatment plants.

We manufacture this conveyor system with some of the standard key features such as it is available at our manufacturing unit different tensile strengths from 315 N/mm up to 6300 N/mm, also constructed by utilizing different tensile materials  like Kevlar, Cotton and Nylon. Also these raw materials that are used in the making process of this belt are acquired from the reliable venders from the industrial market. Our Elevator Conveyor Belt is also known by their some more attributes that are also available in white food grade finish, it provides low elongation that allows short take-up, high bolt tear resistance & superior fastener strength and small pulley diameters are installed.